Getting Sh*t Done is a Bitch

Getting Sh*t Done: A Complete Flake Guide

I am on Facebook, Liking and Sharing up a storm, waiting for midnight so I can tell everybody that my Kindle book, Getting Sh*t Done, is free for the next three days. (Go grab it now.) I tell you this because of the irony: I have written a book about overcoming procrastination, but I have been putting off writing this blog post for days now.

What can I say? I wrote the book for myself as much as for you. I struggle with this demon every day, just like you. I have gathered together everything I have tried and learned, everything that has worked for me and others, and put it in a handy little guide so you and I can refer to it in emergencies (like now!)

So what’s working to make me write this, when I would rather go hide under the covers? The clock. Midnight is almost here. Deadline pressure that I gave myself. Also: accountability. I told all my friends that I was going to do it, and now I have to keep my word. No, this post isn’t perfect, which makes me and my OCD-level writer’s block tingle like crazy, but I’m trying to let go and accept whatever comes. I hope you will read this with compassion.

Anyway! The book! It’s free! Go get it now!

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