Customer Love Roving Report: November 20, 2010

Roger the Floor ElfYup, let’s keep the title simple. I’ve learned something from all you writers.

I’m back for another wonderful wrap-up of the week’s activities for Customer Love. I am absolutely ecstatic to be here!  (Help! LaVonne has me handcuffed to the radiator in her basement with nothing but a bowl of luke-warm lemon water and a hot-wired etch-a-sketch…)

Let’s get right to it…

Directory Love

Laura Espinosa (@thecopycorner) of has graciously offered to create a directory of all Customer Love challengers! She will have Skype office hours up Monday the 22nd from 7am to 3pm PST so you can talk to her and let her know all about your awesome business. She has one of those Skype name things, I’m told it’s “thecopywritingcorner”. So if you’re not like me and you actually know what that means – give her a call.

Or, if you’re like me and have a voice perfectly suited for mimedom, you can shoot her an email at Include a blurb about you and your business and a photo. If you’re like me and have a face for radio you can just send a logo.

WordPress has told me that ‘mimedom’ is not actually a word – so I’m makin’ it one.

Damn you red squiggly lines!

Emblem Love

You ever just get finished bashing your shield over the head of an unruly ogre and suddenly realize ‘crap – I don’t have an emblem on my shield yet – he literally doesn’t know what hit him…’ ? I hate that. Luckily Léan (@leannich) from is riding to the rescue!

Through the month of November she will create an emblem just for you! Just click on her website above for full details. Ensure any renegade ogres know you aren’t the one to mess with! (How many of you just thought ‘Damnit! Stop ending your sentences with a preposition’?)

Damn you renegade ogres

Elf Love

You knew that was coming, right? So go ahead and drop the shades and I’ll put on the Barry White reeeeeaallll sloow and looow…Wha? Seriously? …Damnit.

Apparently it’s not this elf – it’s that elf. Rachael the @caffeinatedelf to be precise. From, strangely enough, (we elves try to make things easy). That elf is offering half-off her coaching sessions if you shout out ‘CUSTOMERLOVE’. Now I’m not sure that it requires actually shouting it, but we elves are also fairly literal, so you may need to.

So just get a hold of her and shout ‘Customer Love – take half off!”. Then take photos and send them to me. I’m curious. The difference between doing that with her and doing that with me is you will probably benefit much more from the half she removes. Mine would likely involve law enforcement.

Damn you complete world domination by elves! … Wait, what? Nevermind.

Illustration Love

Jonah…errr, Jason (@ifellintoawhale) of, you guessed it, is offering 3 free spot illustrations this month for customer love. All you have to do is leave a comment on the page. If you haven’t yet seen Jason’s work go check it out. It’s awesometastic. Just sayin’.

Better hurry, too, there are currently only four six eight (crap, you’re too late…) comments, and Colin is the first one. Colin’s gonna win. Colin wins everything. I’m pretty sure it’s the accent and the fact that he puts an ‘s’ at the end of ‘math’ – like one wasn’t difficult enough.

And I was kidding – you’re not too late. Go leave a comment and tell him how awesome he is. I have it on absolutely no authority that he can be easily bribed – true fact.* **

Guess what WordPress doesn’t think is a word – damn you red squiggly lines under awesometastic.

*I know true fact is redundant

**True facts may not actually be true. Or facts.

Twitter Love

Facebook Love

…Is late. Because I’m a slacker. Actually I’m trying to get them all in order and make sure the links are correct – all that editorial stuff at which I suck. (No preposition – you’re welcome!) It will be on the next report, and there’s going to be quite a few of them. It’ll be EPIC! Okay, maybe not epic. A reasonably short story?

If you were on the list last week, or you left your page url in the comments last week, then you’re covered. If not, you can @FloorElf me on twitter, send it to or simply leave it in the comments below.

Damn you elf-dude, Slacker!

Report Love

I have been forced (reference the aforementioned radiator) asked to have your reports on the weekends so I suppose I’ll continue to pound out badly written bouts of poor humor for as long as you wonderful readers will tolerate me. So if there is anything you would like included I will have the main reports (like this one) around Saturday and a shorter one the next day for anything left out or missed on the first. I try to make them short, I really do, but the brain doesn’t stop.

If I’ve missed anything you want in here, or if I blatantly overlook anything let me know! I’m fairly friendly. :D

Damn you brain!

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