You know how you’re always struggling to make yourself get things done in your business [or elsewhere] — and you do your best to push through the resistance — but no matter what you do, it’s always an uphill battle?

I get it

It sucks. And it’s lonely. And you start hating yourself for being such a flake. Everybody else seems to be producing amazing work without half-trying. You wonder if you’re really cut out to be in business for yourself after all. Maybe you should just forget about it.

NOOOOOO!!!! The little voice in your head is screaming right now, because you seriously don’t want to do that.

Well, I have the solution for you:

The Stuckbuster Sessions

  • A 3-hour productivity session, hosted by me, up to four times a week on Skype.
  • We check in for 15 minutes, commit to what we plan to do this session, and then go to work on our projects.
  • Meanwhile, I am available by chat if you have questions or need help.
  • Every hour, we take a 15-minute break and check in to talk about our progress [or lack thereof, lol — it happens!]
  • We encourage each other for our hard work — no judgment allowed!
  • Rinse, repeat.

Simple, fun, and best of all — productive

It’s all about having virtual company while you work, and if you’re having trouble working through a block, we’ll talk about it and help you find solutions.

The cost is $47 per month for two sessions a week or $77 per month for four sessions a week. (Or, if you want one-on-one accountability coaching with me, all Stuckbuster Sessions are free! Check the last option below.) You’ll make much more than that back very quickly with all the work you’ll be producing during our sessions.

If you just want to try a Stuckbuster Session without committing to a whole month — or maybe you have one project you’re stuck on and you need a jump-start — you can buy single sessions for $7 or a pack of four sessions for $20.

I have sessions set for 8-11am Pacific Time, Tuesday through Friday.  Choose your package below. Then, add me as a contact on Skype (lavonne.ellis), and see you soon!