There is a reason this blog is called The Complete Flake: I change my mind a lot. It’s embarrassing, frankly. I actually once had a close friend stop speaking to me because of it. Now, I warn people ahead of time. I can’t seem to stop, so I’m learning to accept it. All of which to say…

I’ve changed my mind again. And again:

1) No school bus (for reasons I will explain shortly) and 2) no Great Road Trip through and around the Pacific Northwest, which is on fire.

Road Trip: I hear the smoke is so bad it’s burning eyes and throats all the way to Iowa. Camping by remote mountain roads doesn’t sound particularly enjoyable or safe right now. The friends I was planning to visit probably have more important things to do than play host.

So, I will go as far as San Francisco to see a dear friend whom I have promised (and failed) to visit for years. Then, east to Taos and more friends. That is a great enough road trip for now. Maybe spring will be a better time to go.

Skoolie: Much as I want the space of a small bus, I am afraid to let go of the reliable van I already have. She’s a 2013 Chevy Express workhorse with a 6.1 liter V-8 engine that gets 17 mpg. If I can save a few thousand dollars for a small trailer, she will easily pull it up any mountain road. Or I could use that money to get a high-top put on her. If I put the same effort necessary to sell her into making her more comfortable for me and Scout, my problem would be solved.

Buses are roomy but expensive to run, less than stealthy, and horrible on gas mileage. For the older bus I could afford after selling and paying off Surely the Van, there would ‘surely’ (ha ha) be lots of repairs.

Maybe I’ll get a bus someday but right now, I’m sticking with Surely.

It seems like I need to try on a decision for real before I can wrap my mind around all the pros and cons. I need to believe I am going in one direction so I can see clearly what’s ahead. That’s why I go around announcing plans one day and changing them the next. Like I say, embarrassing. But somehow, it works for me.

What works for you?

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  • David Swanson

    See .. your procrastinating about buying a schoolie paid off. Small is beautifull. Moving to larger vehicles means more space to hoard things we don’t need in the first place. More headaches, more repairs, less travel and parking options. Less stealth.
    Would you beleive I now carry a wood-fire pizza oven around in my Prius casa? One thing leads to another and I had to also buy a folding aluminum table too cook with it on. Still, I never feel cramped, everything fits.
    See ya at RTR I hope. Happy trails!

    • LaVonne Ellis

      Good points, David, though I don’t think I could pare it down to a Prius! See you at RTR. 🙂

  • Pam

    There’s no shame in exploring your options and going in a different direction. While reading your post I immediately thought of Paul Simon’s Rewrite. God speed in any mode of transportation, friend. Link to Rewrite. Enjoy.

  • BFG

    Hi, LaVonne. Glad to see you are thinking, and re-thinking your goals, it shows you still can think.

    I’ve got myself an old Holden Statesman, which I call Elizabeth, she is 3.8Litre V6, and does about 10Litres to 100 Kilometers. She is 5 meters long and the boot or trunk can hold around 4 or five people. If you wanted to do that of course…

    google says 23.5 Mpg

    Doctors still won’t let me work and all that, but at least my brain is working a bit better these days.

    I wan’t to come over to Las Vegas to play some poker in one of the big tournaments, but at this stage its not possible. But at least I have a goal.

    Be well LaVonne and I hope Champ is doing good too.

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