Fear of the unknown

Then you open it and realize it’s an invitation. Oh, no! I might have to go somewhere I’ve never been to meet someone I don’t know!

Photo credit: Stephen Depolo

Apple pie

It was a tough choice — possible detection, boob embarrassment, or no apple pie.

Lake Murray, La Mesa, CA

Square one

I could make the trip on my bare-bones budget but it would mean skipping all the fun stuff, like visiting friends, eating out, and exploring. And isn’t that the point?

Pine Creek Trailhead

Heading out again

I inhaled the intoxicating fragrance of sun-warmed pine needles mixed with sage, listened to the quiet, and I knew:

This is still my special place.


I Like to Watch

Everyone, it seems, is out to cram as much fun as possible into the weekend.

dirt paths

In Praise of Dirt Roads

There are dirt paths you can walk or dirt roads you can drive (or walk). I like ‘em both, but what I …

Desperate measures

I set myself a “stupid small” goal of writing just ten words. That’s all. If I could do that, I would consider the day a success.

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